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There are only two things that can shut down a business…

A lack of customers or a lack of employees, this statement is in alphabetical order and in no way reflects the importance of the other.

This man gets it…..I don’t know why any management anywhere doesn’t do this! It’s common sense and human nature to be loyal and give it your all when you’re appreciated daily!!!

So very true Mr Branson. For example my friend can not go her Florida holiday due to her mum being terminally ill and you will not refund or postpone her holiday as the tickets have been issued. You must be very proud!

Not strictly true — everyone comes first.

All businesses have responsibilities to wider interest groups, including the community at large and the environment. Balancing the priorities so that all are treated with the appropriate degree of concern for their welfare is the key.

Have a look at this — the future of enlightened commerce, with resilience built in to ensure real long term prosperity for everyone.

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